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The Christian Resource Group is a church ministry and exists to help people succeed in their lives by providing resources which allow one to identify and apply biblical models to their daily life.

All resources are available on a "suggested donation" basis.

This site offers a wide variety of free Bible resources specifically designed to help you succeed in your life. Everything from quick, easy-to-read devotionals to in-depth bible story analyses may be found in our Online Bible Resources section.

Complete listings, descriptions, and order forms for all our hard-copy publications may also be viewed in our TCRG Publications section. Please share with us any comments or questions you may have about our organization or publications via e-mail.

If you are interested in a certain bible story, topic, or scripture passage. We hope you find our site to be user-friendly, informative, and helpful.



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Problem Solving Prayer

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THRIVE IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE! This book is designed for both personal reference or small group studies for the application of the Sermon on the Mount to your life. The goal of this study is for people to move their lives from just "surviving" to "thriving" through the timeless Biblical truths. Enjoy, apply, and share this tool to help you succeed in your life!

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Problem Solving Prayer was written as a response to several questions about prayer and many people who requested a deeper understanding of the Lord's prayer.  Through personal life experiences, Drs. Marc and Marceil Royer have learned that prayer should be our first and strongest method of problem solving.  This book answers a few of the most asked questions about prayer.  In addition, this study of the Lord's Prayer, through an analysis of the original language, allows the reader to make practical application of Christ's teaching.  

Dr. Marc Royer has spent 35 years in different Church Leadership settings.  Dr. Marceil Royer has worked in a variety of Educational Leadership levels.  Together, the Royer's have created some important ideas in helping Church, Christian School and other Ministry Boards work together with each other and their Board Leader.  Dr. Marc Royer and Dr. Marceil Royer see a need in today's culture for the Leadership Level of a Ministry Organization to be better equipped to face those challenges.  The Royers are available for seminars, leadership training sessions, etc. References are available from recent seminars in Nebraska and Indiana.  Please contact us through the TCRG website or marcroyer@comcast.net.


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Dume Haiti Fund

Haiti is a beautiful country with wonderful people. In the last several years the Royer’s have gotten to know a native Haitian, Marc Dume, who is a successful businessman with a huge vision to help the people of his country.  

Dr. Marc Royer has made trips with Marc Dume to Haiti to plan, strategize, and develop ministry for the people of Haiti.

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