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The Christian Resource Group desires to be a resource to you in all your leadership endeavors.  

Whether you are a person trying to lead your family, a corporation executive, or a leader of an organization large or small--WE WANT TO HELP YOU.

Check out the most valuable resource you can find in helping you develop yourself, your leaders, and your organization into their leadership potential:

Personal & Organizational

Developing Leadership

There comes a time for every leader they need to consult with someone on an individual and confidential basis.  The Christian Resource Group is available to help leaders from all organizational levels.

Email or call us for further support and direction.
We will either help you, or be a resource to help find someone who can.  

Whatever your situation, whoever you are, there are people who care about you and are ready to help you with your leadership or personal issues that relate to leadership.

Organization Consultation and Coaching

References of coaching/consulting success stories available upon request.